How it works

Contact people in different countries

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our contact people, who are based in several different countries. They will be happy to answer all your questions and will do their best to help you to solve any problems you might face.

Reservation and booking

Please inform us about your intention to come to one of our centres as soon as possible so that we can reserve an accommodation for you accordingly. You will get confirmation from us without delay so that you can book your flight. Please do not forget to let us know on which flight you arrive (day, arrival time, airline) so we pick you up at the airport. We will take you from the airport to our Arya Centre by taxi. This trip, as well as the trip back to the airport, is included in the price.

Your first day at ARYA CENTRE

Once we reach our Centre and you settle in your room, you will get an appointment with our doctor. He will perform the initial check up, and suggest the appropriate treatment for you. He will also set up a diet plan tailored to your personal needs. Everyday, you will have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss any problems concerning your treatment with our doctors.

Your stay at ARYA CENTRE

Typically, your day at ARYA PANCHAKARMA AYURVEDIC CENTRE will start with yoga and breathing exercises in the yoga hall. After yoga session you will pick up your thermos jug of drinking water prepared with ayurvedic herbs that you are expected to drink during that day. You will also receive your prescribed daily medicine.

Your morning treatment (usually 1 hour or longer) will start after the yoga session. The treatment will be performed by our well-trained and experienced staff (both female and male) according to your personal treatment schedule and the instruction of our doctors.

The breakfast, as well as all your other meals, will be served at our ayurvedic restaurant. Your menu will be adapted to your very personal needs. The times for meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are flexible so you can follow your treatment schedule. All meals and drinks are included in the price.

In the afternoon you will have your afternoon/evening treatment.

However, you may also feel like just relaxing in our garden or on the beach. In case you wish to explore the surroundings, we will be happy to advice you where to go and how to get there.

Leaving for home

After your treatment is finished, you will meet the doctor for the final check-up. He will give you additional food and health advice to follow at home, as well as medication for the following month. We would appreciate that you inform us of your departure time so we can arrange for your taxi to the airport.

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winter season 2017-18 started at ARYA Kudle Beach
winter season 2017 - 2018

July 1 – 10, 2018: Dresden

August 30 - September 12, 2018: Munich
As each fall, Dr. Kiran A. Bhat offers revitalisation and detoxification cures as well as a broad variety of ayurvedic treatments and massages in Munich, Naturheilpraxis für KörperBewusstSein, Mathildenstraße 12, Munich.
More information  ...

September 13 - 28, 2018: Klagenfurt
Energywork with Dr.Kiran Bhat, Massagesalon Christine Schedlitz, Koschatstr. 110. Information. and Appointments: Mrs. Angelina Hofer, Tel. 00436801240421 or


July 10 – 15, 2018: Prague
Individual consultations, treatments, massages in Udžoudyho Jugoslávská 670/7, 120 00 Praha 2, Vinohrady,
Lecture with discussion on Tuesday, July 10, at 18:30


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